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Skischule Kirchdorf

The skischool in Kirchdorf was founded by Josef Bichler in the early 60s. Ever since, the family company stands for professional and highly quality service and is now lead in the 3rd generation! The 35 instructors are trained regulary by the Tyrolean Ski Assosiation and stand for success and progress, fun but most of all safety on the slopes!



Murmis Mini Club

In this special programme, the kids take their first steps on skis in our very own Murmi's snow land from the age of 2,5 years old. The methods are very different - fun and games are the key to success and will make the first experience in the snow very unique and easy!

To avoid overstain, the duration of the lessons is limited to 2 hours per morning.

Kids' Club

Our Kids Area with guaranteed snow and sunshine throughout the whole day will give your kids the best possible conditions! Whether they are total beginners or experienced on the snow, we cover for any age and level!

In our own magic snow land they learn the first steps on skis on gentle slopes - step by step and absolutely safe, since remoted from any other runs!

For the advanced Kids, the 4-man chairlift leads up, to the top of the so called "Stegerhäusl" and offers more challenging runs on red and black slopes, before we finally take the kids to the 3 Länder Freizeit Aerna!

KIDS BONUS: Children born 2014 and after do NOT require a lift pass!

SKI- Beginners

Ever dreamt about putting 2 planks on your feet and going down a mountain? Now you're only one step away! As a first-timer you will be offered the best possible training from our professional instructors in our perfectly situated beginner’s area - our Resort is well known as a Beginners Paradise - So don't hessitate and grab those skies...!

SKI- Intermediate

So, thats it - you've completed your basics and just can't get enough from carving down the slopes? Then you are exactly right here! Our Trainers and Guides always find the right terrain, the best snow and the right motivation for your progress! Discover the slopes of the 3 States Arena and the beauty of the Kitzbühler Alps - nothing can stop you now!


Join the “young wild ones” on their boards. Invented in the 60’s snowboarding has turned out to be the popular thing to do in the cold white stuff! Very similar to surfing; Snowboarding is a fun sport to learn. From the age of 8, we coach everyone perfectly with our highly qualified snowboard instructors.

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